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Antoine Pierre Urbex / Arnaud Ghys

Antoine Pierre Urbex

Album release : Sketches of Nowhere (2018, Igloo Records)

Since its formation in 2016, Antoine Pierre Urbex has performed at numerous stages. Thanks to the two forms of the group, in octet and in quintet, the musicians are able to demonstrate their musical potential and to draw out the widest spectrum of sound and energy from their instruments. This results in interesting experiments and a particularly creative freedom for each soloist.

The titles of their latest album, Sketches of Nowhere, reflect the turning point for Urbex: their sonority is much more hypnotic, thanks to original sound effects by Bert Cools in addition to the acoustic piano by Bram De Looze. As usual, Felix Zurstrassen is the driving force of the group, but his bass lines have become more groovy and catchy with influences from electronic music. The trumpet of Jean-Paul Estiévenart in turn offers an extra dimension in the overall sound of the group, and he moves us with the laughter and the tears that characterize the multi-layered and symbolic music by Antoine.