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La Nuit animée / Estonian Academy of Arts

La Nuit animée / Animeernacht

We struggled for weeks at the Anima Festival with a net overflowing with shorts from the deep waters of international animation. Not an easy task to sift through it all, but in the end it was a miraculous catch! Forty-five films, lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes: just what it needs to vary the pleasures, surprise, amaze, and why not even dazzle.

We let go of the little sprats, promising though they were, but who needed time to grow. We kept the freshest and a few prime morsels. There are also two or three unidentified flying fish and as many crazy hybrids to spice up the auction.

Come on board for a Night full of fun, folly, frolics and farce, the fishing will prove miraculous. Demonstration in 45 films, from 9:30 pm till the early hours! Entertainment and DJ included.

Flagey, Folioscope