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Chamber Choir of Helsinki

Helsinki Chamber Choir

Rautavaara : Vigilia – Vespers

Rautavaara is a major figure of Finnish music and one of the leading mystics of contemporary music. His sacred music brings to the fore the great vocal tradition of his country. Vigilia is a liturgical piece in two parts (Vespers and Matins), for a mixed choir and soloists. This universal prayer for peace, carried by a music with Byzantine vocality, has a stunning emotional impact on audiences lucky enough to experience it in concert. A first in Belgium and undeniably one of the highlights of Festival Musiq’3.

Flagey, Festival Musiq’3, Stad Brussel / Ville de Bruxelles, Fins Cultureel Instituut / Institut Culturel Finlandais

Rautavaara: Vigilia - Troparion of the feast and Final blessing