Shahin Najafi

Shahin Najafi

Fusion & Future

Shahin Najafi is an Iranian musician who repeatedly crosses genres, including Rap, Rock & Folk. Meanwhile, he is still exploring this genre journey. His Meta Phrygian album is an example of what one can call the experience of combining Jazz music and Gilaki phenomenon.

Shahin is the most banned singer sentenced to death by Iranian authorities for one of his songs “Naghi”. The sense of Humanism is remarkable in his poetry and music.
His taboo and explicit political views distinguish Shahin from his contemporaries.

Previously, Shahin Najafi performed with The Gürzenich Orchestra in Cologne, Blackfield in Tel Aviv and Södra Teatern in Stockholm with his new musical ensemble. May 20 he will come to Brussels for a jazz concert.

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Shahin Najafi - Masal (Live) Album Meta Phrygian ماسال - آلبوم متافریجین شاهین نجفی
Shahin Najafi - Cheh Konam (Live) Album Meta Phrygian چه کنم - آلبوم متافریجین شاهین نجفی