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HI5 / Christa Pert

Félix Zurstrassen Trio (BE) + HI5 (AT)

The Tyrolean band HI5 has little in common with traditional jazz. The group’s sound is impossible to categorise stylistically, displaying elements of modern jazz, Prog Rock, Trip-Hop, chamber music, and electronica. The music of the Belgian Félix Zurstrassen Trio has a melodic sound that is novel and demanding. In 2017, the front man and bassist Félix Zurstrassen won the Young Talent jazz prize awarded by SABAM, the Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers.

Flagey, Österreichisches Kulturforum, Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt

Félix Zurstrassen Trio - Songe d'Or
TEASER Félix Zurstrassen Trio