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Anthony Clifford Grayling

A.C. Grayling

Is time well spent an illusion? Join the famous philosopher A.C. Grayling as he tackles time on a conceptual level and considers what some of the world’s greatest thinkers have had to say about the most precious commodity of all. As the 21st century unfolds, so does the realization that we have less time than ever to stop and wonder. How can, and should, our society and economy best use its time? A.C. Grayling takes a journey in morality and mortality, and explores how experience and perception shape time more than clocks.

C. Grayling is Master of the New College of the Humanities in London, and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford. He was a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and supports a number of charities. He has written and edited over thirty books on philosophy and other subjects; among his most recent are The Good Book, Ideas That Matter, Liberty in the Age of Terror, War: An Enquiry and Democracy and its Crisis. For several years he wrote columns for the Guardian and the Times.

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