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Shai Maestro / Gabriel Baharlia / ECM Records

Shai Maestro Trio

album release : The Dream Thief (ECM, 2018)

In October 2018, Shai Maestro launches a brand-new album with ECM records, placing him alongside famous jazz pianists as Keith Jarrett, Paul Bleyn, Chick Corea... As a child prodigy from Israel, he was a big hit as a member of the band of bassist Avishai Cohen. Nowadays, Shai Maestro is conquering the jazz world with his own trio. His border-crossing mix of jazz with other influences from, for example, his homeland, is as enthralling as it gets.

Flagey, Israeli Embassy in Belgium

"A formidable composer and performer who frequently fashions the sounds of his native Israel into the stuff of improvised fantasias" (The Guardian)

Shai Maestro - The Dream Thief (Teaser)