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Mulatu Astatke / Alexis Maryon

Mulatu Astatke

Opening Concert

Is there anything more enchanting than the rhythms and dances of Ethiopia? Mulatu Astatke, vibraphonist, composer and ‘father of Ethiopian jazz music’ is one of the great musicians of the world of jazz. He bears witness to an extraordinarily rich career. From his musical studies at Trinity College London and Berklee College of Music, through groundbreaking recordings for the legendary Amha label in Addis Ababa’s golden age, to his contribution to a recent Jim Jarmusch film, his adoption by the musical youth of Europe and the States and sampling by hip hop royalty, Astatke has a unique musical history. There is no better musician to open the annual Brussels Jazz Festival.


Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Esketa Dance (Strut Africa) by Strut Records

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