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Loro (Paolo Sorrentino)


Paolo Sorrentino

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The gardens of a decadent villa are covered with champagne corks, confetti and lingerie. It is a scene from Loro, the long-awaited biopic about the wild years of the controversial Italian media mogul and ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi. Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino (La Grande Belezza, The Young Pope) is once again flanked by his favourite actor Toni Servillo in the role of Berlusconi. They already worked together for the rather disconcerting portrait Il divo about former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti which won the jury prize of Cannes in 2008. Sorrentino takes no political sides, but has created a underhanded portrait of “Il Cavaliere” and his power hungry entourage. The cinematography by Luca Bigazzi is once again magnificent. No one is able to envision the pool shots, the Pasolini-like close-ups and the quasi-erotic glorification of sofas, coffee tables and plasma screens as flamboyantly as this extraordinary cameraman.

Flagey, Cinematek, Film Fest Gent

LORO Trailer | TIFF 2018