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La terra dell'abbastanza (Damiano & Fabio D'Innocenzo)

La terra dell'abbastanza

Damiano & Fabio D'Innocenzo

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Mirko and Manolo, best friends, live with their respective single parents in the outskirts of Rome. They live in poor conditions and need to help with running the households. The guys share the same dream of a life with women, sex and money. When they accidentally hit someone and get involved in the local mafia, their lives and friendship are completely turned upside down. Soon they live in opulence, losing their touch with reality. The friends become further removed from their old life and end up in a spiral of violence. Is there no way back?

Flagey, Cinematek, Film Fest Gent

La Terra Dell'Abbastanza - Frères de Sang || release BE 13/03/2019