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If Beale Street Could Talk (Barry Jenkins)

If Beale Street Could Talk

Belgian premiere| Barry Jenkins

Harlem, early Seventies. The 19-year-old Tish Rivers seems forced to mature quickly. She is pregnant by George Wesley, the man she’s been in love with since childhood. Their dream of a family breaks apart when George goes to prison for a crime he did not commit. Tish knows George is innocent and that his good friend Daniel was just released from prison after an equally unjust imprisonment. While Fonny's parents struggle with feelings of powerlessness, the support of the family of Tish is unwavering. Especially the mother of Tish puts everything on the line for the happiness of her daughter, her future son-in-law and the unborn baby. If Beale Street Could Talk is a timeless and touching love story about the unbreakable link of a couple and about the empowerment of an African American family.

Flagey, Cinematek, Film Fest Gent

BE Trailer If Beale Street Could Talk