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Nuit chérie / Lia Bertels

It's Belgian 2

Our selection of Belgian short films, chosen from the 109 received, mixes professional and student films in three programmes. Two evening programmes, with universal subjects (solitude, travel, death, love) presented in a wide palette, and one programme for the little ones, with cats, aliens and a big pack of… wolves!

Apart from these three programmes, Anima is also presenting the premiere of the latest from nWave Pictures studios The Queen's Corgi, devoting a day to Belgian animation (Industry Day), as well as an exhibition about the film This Magnificent Cake!, inviting numerous Belgian professionals throughout the Festival (presentations, conferences, live drawing battle, making of...), closing up proceedings with Panique : La Foire agricole and screening no less than 11 features produced or co-produced in Belgian. And we haven't even mentioned the parties or concerts, like the one with the now famous Anima Toon Band!

Flagey, Folioscope