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Albatros et gorfou, une fable australe (Rémy Marion & Charlène Gravel)

Albatros et gorfou, une fable australe

Rémy Marion & Charlène Gravel

The cliffs are the scene of a fable of the wild. One of them is the prince of the clouds. He has majesty, a full mastery of the airs because the sky is his natural environment. The other has lost his wings and appears to be clumsy. He however can swim for months in the ocean, his kingdom. Rock neighbours in the Falkland Islands, the albatross and the rockhopper penguin are born and grow up close to each other, but their destinies are poles apart… here is their story.

Flagey, Bruxelles Nature, Festival International Nature Namur, LRBPO, Bruxelles Environnement (IBGE)

Albatros et gorfou, une fable australe | trailer