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Céline Scheen + Damien Guillon / F. Mariscotti + Julien Bénhamou

Le Banquet Céleste, Damien Guillon & Céline Scheen

Bach en Italie

When setting Psalm 51 to music, Bach was in fact parodying Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater. The similarities are many, but Bach pared down the vocal parts to give greater power to the words of the Martin Luther version of the psalm. The voices of Céline Scheen and Damien Guillon combine to marvellous effect in this introspective work. But Pergolesi will also feature in this concert, with his Salve Regina, redolent of the Italian accents of the Neapolitan composer.

Flagey, Festival Musiq3, Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft

Le Banquet Céleste, Damien Guillon Céline Scheen, Bach et l'Italie