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Evgeny Sviridov
Evgeny Sviridov / Hanna Witte

Evgeny Sviridov & Stanislav Gres

The barocco violin in Italy

In 2017, Evgeny Sviridov won the 1st prize at the Bruges International Musica Antiqua Competition, which enabled him to record his first album in a trio for Ricercar. It is a recording in which Evgeny Sviridov’s talent is exploited to the full: rarely have we heard a violinist playing with such verve and musicality. Tartini was a vital link in the evolution of the Italian violin. Tackling his legacy is a challenge for any violinist.

Flagey, Festival Musiq3

TARTINI // Sonate Op. 1 by Evgeny Sviridov