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Anouar Brahem / Marco Borggreve

Anouar Brahem & ORCW play Souvenance

Opening concert ECM50

Tunisian oud player and composer Anouar Brahem is one of the most important musicians on the ECM label. In his music, he expands his Arabic roots with an open view to other cultures and influences. For his album Souvenance, he and his trusted quartet collaborate with the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, directed by Frank Braley. The album’s title, ‘Souvenance’, means as much as a distant memory, translating itself into an exceptionally beautiful, mysteriously hypnotizing and sober music.

Flagey, ECM, Goethe-Institut Belgien

Anouar Brahem - "January" from the album "Souvenance"

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ECM 50