Emmanuel Bigand
Emmanuel Bigand

Swinging The Brain

A concert conference on the power of music on the brain

During an interactive evening, Emmanuel Bigand shows us the stimulating power of music on the brain by revisiting the great hits of the Rock Pop from the Sixties to today. When science and music combine their effects, you will see that the brain actually swings its neurons.

Emmanuel Bigand is Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Director of the LEAD laboratory at the CNRS, and holder of the "Music cerveau cognition" chair at the Institut Universitaire de France. Specialised in the study of the effects of music on the brain, he has published numerous books in French and more than 90 scientific articles in English. He has coordinated a major European research program on the use of music in the field of health and has given numerous conferences throughout the world, including several in French at the Collège de France and Radio France.

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