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Felix Zurstrassen
Felix Zurstrassen / Delphine Gilson

Félix Zurstrassen Quartet

album release : Nova (2020, Igloo records)

The Félix Zurstrassen Quartet brings together the brilliantly rhythmic Zurstrassen / Pierre (BEL) and the incomparable Nelson Veras (BRA) on the acoustic guitar and the prodigious Ben van Gelder (NLD) on alto saxophone. This high-flying quartet is presenting its new album NOVA, which is at the crossroads of modern and contemporary jazz. While the melodic and harmonic universe of Félix Zurstrassen’s compositions is inspired by musicians such as Brad Mehldau and Pat Metheny, the (poly-) rhythmic universe is influenced by the conceptual music of Steve Coleman and Aka Moon. This sophisticated, contemporary music really focuses on the acoustic sounds of the instruments.

Flagey, Les Lundis d’Hortense, Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

Felix Zurstrassen - Nova (