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Vlaams Radiokoor, Il Gardellino

Bart Van Reyn, dir.

Step by step, colour after colour, layer upon layer. With various stories and topics that flow into each other. With old and new, religion and alienation, concern and love. This concert thus forms a penetrating musical web that brings thought and reflection in 14 movements –like Christ’s way of the cross with its 14 stations, but with the power of the voice and of the woman as the guiding thread.

Buxtehude wrote one of the most well-known and haunting works of German sacred music before Bach: Membra Jesu Nostri, a cycle of seven cantatas that sing of the body of the crucified Christ. The female composers Caroline Shaw and Anna Thorvaldsdottir have each written a contemporary response to the movements of the Membra Jesu Nostri – from a female perspective.

Flagey, Vlaams Radiokoor, Abbaye de La Cambre / Terkamerenabdij