Revue Blanche - a Page of Madness

Revue Blanche

A Page of Madness

In the avant-garde movie ‘A page of Madness’ from 1926 (with a screenplay by Kawabata), Japanese cinematographer Kinugasa paints the subjective observations of people living in a asylum gone wild. Thought lost for almost half a century, the film was rereleased in 1971 and became a cult hit. The film was originally accompanied by live music and a narrator or “benshi”, and will now be performed to a new soundtrack by composer Daan Janssens. The audience is invited to enter a spherical, colourful and at times alienating universe of sound.

Flagey, Revue Blanche, de Bijloke Gent, Centre Henri Pousseur, Images Sonores, ULYSSES Network, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

Revue Blanche - A Page of Madness

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