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Revue Blanche - a Page of Madness

Revue Blanche: A Page of Madness

In the avant-garde movie ‘A page of Madness’ from 1926 (with a screenplay by Kawabata), Japanese cinematographer Kinugasa paints the subjective observations of people living in a asylum gone wild. Thought lost for almost half a century, the film was rereleased in 1971 and became a cult hit. The film was originally accompanied by live music and a narrator or “benshi”, and will now be performed to a new soundtrack by composer Daan Janssens. The audience is invited to enter a spherical, colourful and at times alienating universe of sound.

Flagey, Revue Blanche, de Bijloke Gent, Centre Henri Pousseur

Revue Blanche - A Page of Madness

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Flagey New Music Days