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Kamao Quartet / Kelbie Dave

Kamao Quartet feat. Tcha Limberger

Piknik Concert

Did you know that in the Roma dialect, "Kamao" means "I love"? In the case of the Kamao Quartet, these musicians love traditional gypsy songs, Django Reinhardt classics, jazz songs, Brazilian choro and their own music. This group of the French singer and guitarist Jean de Talhouet is a fixture on the London scene, playing at the Vortex Jazz Club, St. James Theatre in Victoria, the Royal Albert Hall,.... For this concert at Flagey, the Kamao Quartet joins forces with Tcha Limberger, called 'The king of Gypsy Music' by the Times.

Flagey, Djangofolllies

Kamao Quartet - Four Brothers
Brussels Jazz Festival 2020