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Live Magazine for kids

Live Magazine for kids

FR | Junior 7+

"What if we created a sort of living newspaper, a show with real stories, by and for children?”

Not too small, not too big -- 7 to 12 years old, just when everything is still fresh, still interesting.

Live Magazine partners with Bayard and Milan to create this Live Magazine for kids.

What does that entail exactly? Is it a conference for children, aged 7 to 12? A show? A magazine made out of flesh and bones? Yes, yes, Yes.

It’s very simple: journalists, children’s novelists, cartoonists and young reporters take the stage and bring the world to life.

There’ll be poetry, jokes, photography and music, and a fictional hero will show up for real.

But...shhh, the program is secret. Just know that this brand new edition will be fun and fascinating!

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