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Zenon, l’Insoumis (Françoise Levie)

Zénon l’insoumis, entre Marguerite Yourcenar et André Delvaux

Françoise Levie

Zeno is the hero of "L'oeuvre au noir", Marguerite Yourcenar's famous novel which she published in 1968. He is also the protagonist in André Delvaux's film adaptation of the same novel in 1988, played by Gian Maria Volonte. But what does Zeno mean to us today and what has he become? How can this fictional philosopher, doctor, alchemist, Renaissance inventor help us to understand about his life and the times during which he lived, but also the uncertain times of today? That is the challenge of this documentary.

Flagey, Cinematek


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Marie-Christine Barrault