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Sylvia Huang / Jeremy Bruyere

Musiq3 Festival on tv

Live from Studio 4 on La Trois & Auvio

“Le plus rock des Festivals classiques” with Alex Vizorek

Host Alex Vizorek welcomes us together with Caroline Veyt on a festive evening broadcasted from Studio 4 at Flagey on La Trois with lots of classical music, but in the typical style of the Festival Musiq3: accessible and open to all other musical genres.

Flagey, Festival Musiq3


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, from Piano Sonata Nr. 11, KV 331 : Alla Turca (arr. F. Say / M. Dürrüoglu)
by Muhiddin Dürrüoglu (piano), Sylvia Huang, Emile Daems (violin), Tony Nys (viola), Arthur Daems (cello), Koenraad Hofman (double bass)

Dmitri Shostakovich / Lewon Atowmjan, Five Pieces for two violins and piano
by Lorenzo Gatto, Sylvia Huang (violin), Julien Libeer (piano)

John Adams, Road Movies III. 40% Swing
by Lorenzo Gatto (violin), Julien Libeer (piano)

Claudio Monteverdi, Zefiro Torna
by Nicolas Achten (lute, dir.), Sarah Defrise, Julie Calbete (soprano), Shirly Laub, Sylvia Huang (violin), Arthur Daems, Eugénie Lalonde (cello), Koenraad Hofman (double bass), Julien Elleouet, Nathalie Lefèvre (clarinet), Xavier Locus (piano), Martin Méreau ( vibraphone)

Nino Rota, from Concerto per Archi : Finale
by Shirly Laub (violin, dir.), Pierre Vopat, Challain Ferret, Juliette Janssen, Esther Singier, Mireille Kovac (violin), Célia Roser (viola), Eugénie Lalonde, Bénédicte Legrand (cello), Matthieu Garnavault (double bass), Kevin Pilette, Salena Baudoux, Popping Danys, Tiromana Tupea (dance), David Vandenplas (choreography)

Abba, Waterloo
by Tandem 66: Xavier Locus (piano), Julien Elleouet (clarinet)

Isabelle Aboulker, Je t’aime
by Sarah Defrise (soprano), Fabian Fiorini (piano)

Leonard Bernstein, Riffs
by Benjamin Dieltjens (clarinet), Boyan Vodenitcharov (piano), Koenraad Hofman (double bass), Tom Pipeleers (percussion)

Robert & Richard Sherman, I wanna be like you
by O!Boy (vocal quartet) & Florian Noack (piano)

Richard Strauss / Franz Hasenöhrl, Till Eulenspiegel, Einmal Anders!
by Oxalys

Kurt Weill, Complainte de la Seine
by Julie Calbete (soprano), Fabian Fiorini (piano)

Ludwig van Beethoven, from Clarinet Trio, Op. 38 : Adagio – Allegro con brio
by Marie Hallynck (cello), Muhiddin Dürrüoglu (piano), Ronald Van Spaendonck (clarinet)

Steve Reich, Eight Lines
by Benjamin Dieltjens (clarinet, dir.), Ronald Van Spaendonck, Julien Elleouet, Nathalie Lefévre (clarinet), Toon Fret, Gilles Bréda (flute), Boyan Vodenitcharov, Muhiddin Dürrüoglu, Xavier Locus, Fabian Fiorini (piano), Shirly Laub, Sylvia Huang, Lorenzo Gatto, Emile Daems (violin), Tony Nys (viola), Marie Hallynck, Arthur Daems, Amy Norrington (cello), Kevin Pilette, Salena Baudoux, Popping Danys, Tiromana Tupea (dance), David Vandenplas (choreograpy)

Paul Dukas / Muhiddin Dürrüoglu, l’Apprenti sorcier
by Ensemble Kheops

Paul Schoenfield, from Clarinet Trio : Freylakh
by Florian Noack (piano), Sylvia Huang (violin), Julien Elleouet (clarinet)

Roland Alphonso, Stream Of Life
by Laurent Vigneron and the Po’Boys