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Mozart: Pianoconcerto 23 / Liesbet Peremans

Brussels Philharmonic, Jun Märkl, Julien Libeer

Mozart: Pianoconcerto 23

This concert will take place: without a live audience in the hall, but with a livestream. The stream will be available here on 11 December at 8pm. 

In the Vienna of 1786, Mozart writes works that continue to inspire us centuries later: so it was that Toshio Hosokawa wrote Lotus Under the Moonlight in 2006 as an homage to Mozart and his Piano Concerto No. 23. And he is not the only fan! For the piano concerto is a beautiful work: a scintillating dialogue between the piano and the orchestra, brisk and melancholic in turns, and a rollicking finale. The status of audience favourite is well deserved.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic