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Philippe Herreweghe / Johan Jacobs

Collegium Vocale Gent, Philippe Herreweghe, Nelson Goerner

Es rinnen Tränen nur herab

Philippe Herreweghe's unrelenting admiration for Johannes Brahms is undoubtedly grounded in the numerous song collections and vocal works of the Viennese romantic. In this programme, an intimate diptych of piano recital and choir concert, he and the Argentine pianist Nelson Goerner go in search of the lost ideal: the refreshing simplicity and folk character in which Brahms' complex identity as a human being and composer speaks directly and infinitely to us about love, loss and desire.

This unique evening is conceived as an diptych in which you can combine Goerner's piano recital at 18h30 with the songs and chants by Collegium Vocale Gent, Nelson Goerner and Philippe Herreweghe at 16h00 or 21h00.

Flagey, Collegium Vocale Gent

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