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Quatuor Modigliani / Luc Braquet

Quatuor Modigliani

Live on Klara | album preview (2022, Mirare) - recorded at Flagey

This concert will be broadcast live (without an audience) on Klara on 17 December at 8PM. 

When the world-famous French Modigliani Quartet comes to Flagey, it likes to surprise us with unique programmes. This time, the quartet interprets Mozart's cheerful Divertimento in F major, a masterpiece he wrote at the age of sixteen, together with the Belgian creation of the brand-new string quartet Split Apart by Mark-Anthony Turnage in which the English composer refers to the Brexit by 'splitting' the European national anthem into pieces. Quatuor Modigliani concludes the evening with a preview of their upcoming CD dedicated to Tchaikovsky with his lyrical and poignant Third String Quartet.


Schubert - Quartett n°12 "Quartett-Satz"