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Alexandre Kantorow / Sasha Gusov

Alexandre Kantorow

Alexandre Kantorow is only 22 when he wins the First Prize of the renowned Tchaikovsky Competition in June 2019 as the first Frenchman ever. This young piano sensation studied with Pierre-Alain Volondat, Igor Lazko, Frank Braley and Rena Shereshevskaya and is now touring the world. Last month Kantorow released his fourth album dedicated to three great figures of Romanticism: Brahms, Bartók and Liszt. During his very first piano recital in Flagey, Kantorow interprets Brahms' poetic Ballads together with the virtuoso First Piano Sonata by Rachmaninov.


Camille De Rijck interviewed Alexandre Kantorow during Demandez le Programme on Musiq3. Listen to the interview here