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Music Chapel Festival 2020: Beyond Beethoven | digital edition

Music Chapel Festival - Digital Edition

Music Chapel Festival 2020, an edition like no other

The circumstances surrounding this new lockdown have led the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel to be ever more creative and to rethink the 11th edition of the Music Chapel Festival devoted to Beethoven and his contemporaries. This edition will therefore be proposed in a digital version without an audience. It will be broadcast for you to enjoy at home!

26.11.20 - 20:00 | Opening Concert
Shuichi Okada, Alexandra Cooreman, Violaine Despeyroux, Takumi Nowaka, 
Zachary Mowitz & Jérémy Garbarg

28.11.20 - 20:00 | Symphonies
Salih Can Gevrek & Jonathan Fournel

02.12.20 - 20:00 | Prestige Concert: Concerti
Orchestre Symphonique Bienne Soleure, Kaspar Zehnder 
Vladyslava Luchenko, Frank Braley, Leon Blekh & Shuichi Okada

04.12.20 - 20:00 | Prestige Concert
Livestreaming from Flagey, Studio 4
Brussels Philharmonic, Stéphane Denève
Trio Zadig & Jùlia Pusker 
Find out here more about the programme and the artists

07.12.20 - 20:00 | Trios
Trio Consonance

10.12.20 - 20:00 | Cello Sonatas
Ari Evan, Stéphanie Huang, Lana Suran & Salih Can Gevrek 

If you wish to support the artists of the Music Chapel, you can make a donation via this link!

This unprecedented version of a festival spread over several emblematic venues and in digital version, in accordance with this year’s specific requirements, bears witness to the desire to mark the end of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth on a high note.