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Sylvia Huang, Eliane Reyes / Mohamed Sridi

Sylvia Huang & Eliane Reyes

album release : Lointain passé (2021, Fuga Libera) – recorded at Flagey

Mozart and Haydn, Brahms and Schumann... Close friendships have inspired composers through history to write great musical works. This also applies to the friendship between violinist and composer Eugène Ysaÿe and his younger colleague Guillaume Lekeu. Both Belgians wrote the most beautiful music for each other. It is this music that inspires two great names from the Belgian musical landscape to produce a brand new album: violinist Sylvia Huang, laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2019 and renowned pianist Éliane Reyes.


Album van de Week Ysaÿe & Lekeu: Lointain passé (

'Ysaÿe & Lekeu: Lointain passé' by Sylvia Huang & Eliane Reyes

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