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Polar Dwarfs / Alexander Popelier

Polar Dwarfs feat. Nguyên Lê

album release: Polar Dwarfs (2021, Tastic)

The Antwerp-based keyboard player Adriaan Van de Velde is one of Belgium’s best kept secrets of the electronic music scene. And yes, he has a taste for the keytar ( nobody is perfect!). He found the perfect match in daredevil Stéphane Galland to start his new adventure Polar Dwarfs: a boundless, funny, avant-gardish, groovy, virtuous, colorful musical universe in which electronica is the medium to find new perspectives on his Rhythmology. For the presentation of their latest album, they join forces with one of the most versatile and independent guitarists in the world, Nguyên Lê.


Flagey Autumn Jazz 2021

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