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Lakecia Benjamin | Theo Croker / Elizabeth Leitzell | -

Lakecia Benjamin + Theo Croker

DOUBLE BILL : 1 ticket, 2 concerts

In March 2020, saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin released her album Pursuance: The Coltranes, a collection of compositions by Alice and John Coltrane. In their music, she finds a mystical, underlying spirituality that she incorporates into her album: “They wrote songs for Indian gods, for the god of Christians and Muslims. Their ideology was that all religions are one and that we are all one with God”. Jazz brings us together, as she proves with this special album.

Haven't heard Theo Croker yet? Then it's about time! This trumpeter and bandleader is equally at home in the world of salsa, R&B, hip-hop, blues and jazz. He has been on international stages with J. Cole, Common or Ari Lennox to name but a few and his own album Star People Nation was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2019. During the corona crisis in 2020, he returned to his parental home in America, where he set to work on his sixth album, which he will now present for the first time in Belgium.


Flagey Autumn Jazz 2021
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Lakecia Benjamin "Pursuance: The Coltranes" Album EPK
Pursuance : The Coltranes