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Peer Gynt (spoken in FR, subtitled in NL)

Filip Jordens, Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor, Het Banket & Gerda Dendooven

A satire of what he called “the complacent and narrow-minded Norwegian mentality” is the best way to describe Hendrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt. Disguised as a folktale, the piece tells the life of Peer Gynt, a troublemaker who leaves a trail of destruction and broken hearts behind him. Grieg transformed the story into a musical blockbuster. In this performance by the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radiokoor, Tristan Versteven and Brechtje Louwaard interweave text, music and visuals. Actor Filip Jordens narrates and artist Gerda Dendooven creates images live on stage.

Flagey, Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radiokoor