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Jakob Bro / Mike Højgaard

Jakob Bro, Jorge Rossy & Arve Henriksen 'Uma Elmo'

Uma Elmo is guitarist-composer Jakob Bro's fifth album with ECM. With this album he introduces his new trio featuring Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and Spanish drummer Jorge Rossy. "My music reflects what is happening around me, my children, the joy and chaos they create, but also the beauty". Uma Elmo is an ode to his newborn son and to life, which is expressed in the inspiration and synergy of these musicians and in the particularly subtle and melodious music.


Uma Elmo is yet another proof of the very special qualities of guitarist and composer Bro and he effortlessly takes Rossy and especially Henriksen with him in his quest for greatness. Uma Elmo is an album like no other. Written in Music

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Uma Elmo | Feb 2021 |
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