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Nikolai Lugansky / Marco Borggreve Naave-Ambroisie

Nikolai Lugansky

200 years César Franck 1822-2022

In 2022 we celebrate the bicentenary of the Belgian-French composer César Franck. Who better to honour this illustrious composer than artist-in-residence Nikolai Lugansky - who in 2020 dedicated an entire album to Franck. Two of his finest works for piano are on the programme, the Prélude, aria et final and the Prélude, choral et fugue. In the magazine Pianist Lugansky describes this music as follows: It is about enlightenment... The road to paradise'. Despite all the adversities in life, reconciliation overcomes conflict - a message that is also recognisable in Beethoven's famous Storm Sonata.


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