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Dmytro Choni / Anna Logachova

Dmytro Choni

Dmytro Choni is only 28 years old, but he is already considered one of the greatest. According to Pavel Gililov, 'with his brilliant technical skills, he discovers the meaning, the emotions and the soul of the work he performs'. This winner of the Vendome Prize (2019), Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition (2017), International Piano Competition in memory of Vladimir Horowitz (2017) or the San Marino International Piano Competition (2016) demonstrates his talent in the particularly passionate music of Brahms, Skrjabin, Schumann and Rachmaninov.


Dmytro Choni (piano) plays ''Mouvement'' (Movement) from 1st volume of Images by Claude Debussy
Flagey Piano Days 2022