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Fire in the Pet Store / Thomas Van Caeneghem

Fire in the Pet Store

Philippe Thuriot and Kristof Roseeuw have been playing together for more than 25 years. As a duo they have collaborated with such masters as René Lussier and Ellery Eskelin and toured beneath Senegalese skies. When the Flanders Festival suggested they reinterpret Dave Douglas’ album Charms of the Night Sky, they were given the opportunity to share the stage with legendary violinist/composer Mark Feldman (Zorn, Uri Caine, etc.). This triggering event based on futuristic music was something that they simply had to capitalise on. The point of departure was to flirt with boundaries and seek ways of enabling all tonal richness to flourish. When Bram de Looze joined the group, Fire in the Pet Store was born!


Fire in the Pet Store -

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