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Alexandre Kantorow / Sasha Gusov

Alexandre Kantorow

UPDATE 15.03.22 | In the context of 'Classical Music For Ukraine', the proceeds of this concert will be donated to Ukraine/Oekraïne 12-12.

In addition, Alexandre Kantorow has graciously decided to donate his entire fee to Oekraïne 12-12.

The abundance of praise and awards already collected by the 24-year-old French pianist Alexandre Kantorow leaves no doubt: he is an exceptional piano talent. On the release of his third album À la Russe in 2017, Fanfare magazine wrote enthusiastically that ‘we have rarely been so convinced by a new release that we are looking at a great new pianist.’ Kantorow was a guest at Flagey during the streaming edition of Flagey Piano Days 2021. At last, we can hear this brilliant pianist live, performing music by Liszt, Scriabin and Schumann.


Alexandre Kantorow au Piano Day - ARTE Concert