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Itamar Borochov / Jaka Vinsek

Itamar Borochov Quartet

prerelease concert : Glow (2022)

Trumpet player Itamar Borochov is part of the new generation of Israeli jazz musicians making their name on the New York jazz scene. He grew up in Jaffa, a melting pot of Jewish, Arabian and Christian cultures. His musical influences are no less diverse, from Edith Piaf to Weather Report and from Prince to Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan. The foundation remains the music of his youth: the music of the synagogue. Just as the jazz of John Coltrane and Lee Morgan once drew on gospel, Borochov feels drawn to the ancient Sephardic spiritual tradition. The Itamar Borochov Quartet presents its upcoming album Glow during this prerelease concert at Flagey.


Itamar Borochov Live at WOMEX 2019 - Daasa!
Itamar Borochov - DIRGE - Live at Leopolis Jazz Festival - Lviv, Ukraine