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Vlaams Radiokoor / Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Vlaams Radiokoor & Il Gardellino : Dixit Dominus

Haendel extravaganza: from a spiral of violence to extremely beautiful stillness.

In autumn 1706, the young Haendel left Hamburg for the Mecca of music in the early 18th century: Italy. He would travel around that country for three years, and his stay in bustling and inspiring cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome turned his visit into a very fruitful musical study tour.

In 1707, Haendel arrived in Rome and immediately made a great impression with a series of Vespers, including Dixit Dominus and Laudate pueri Dominum. The youthful, colourful fierceness draw the listener into a spiral of violence as well as extremely beautiful stillness.

Flagey, Vlaams Radiokoor