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GingerBlackGinger / Thomas Geuens


Bass player Yannick Peeters goes in search of music that throws unnecessary ballast overboard and puts maximum effort into a sound that is as daring as it is authentic.

Bassist Yannick Peeters was the laureate of Jazzlab Impuls. While she has been involved in other people's projects, the time has come for her to launch her own. She has assembled a dream team around her with soprano Claron McFadden, guitarist Frederik Leroux, saxophonist and clarinettist Frans Van Isacker and Jim Black on drums, with whom she will makemusic that is both daring and authentic with elements from jazz, rock, avant-garde and improvisation.

Flagey, JazzLab

JazzLab Invites #3: Yannick Peeters
GingerBlackGinger - live teaser
Brussels Jazz Festival 2022

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