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Felix Blume / Johan Legraie

Vernissage of the sound installation 'Curupira, bête des bois'

with Félix Blume (live online from Mexico)

The inhabitants of Tauary invite us to join them in the middle of the Amazon to listen to the sounds of their forest, full of birds and animals. Strange sounds attract our attention. A creature creeps through the trees... Those who heard, saw or met it, have not returned. The creature charms, enchants, takes people away and makes them disappear. Everyone tells this story in their own way and everyone tries to decipher the call of that bizarre creature. Curupira, Beast of the Forest takes us on a quest for this creature. A reflection on myths and their place in today's world... A thriller full of sounds in the middle of the jungle!

Flagey, La Semaine du Son / De Week van de Klank

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