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Paul Pankert

KL-EX Ensemble

album presentation : Connected (2020, Etcetera Records)

In his new production Connected, composer Paul Pankert bridges his experience as an interpreter of early music with his own musical interpretations of these century old traditions by making use of live electronics. "A mixture of baroque music and ultra-efficient progressive rock..." according to Emilie Munera who chose his album as 'Disque contemporain de la semaine' (France Musique, June 2021). The concert programme features 17th-century music by Girolamo Frescobaldi and Jacob van Eyck, which inspired Pankert's Toccata and Pavane. Remote 2.0 is a concert version of an interactive performance conceived originally for dance, flute, percussion and bass guitar. The movements of the dancer or, in this case, the composer, influence the electronic sound filters in real time to transpose, distort, deconstruct or amplify the sounds of the various instruments.

Flagey, Ostbelgien

Paul Pankert CD - LP "Connected"

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