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Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen / Tuukka Koski

Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen

John Coltrane and Rashied Ali are the legendary musicians that Finnish duo Timo Lassy and Teppo Mäkynen emulate. Both musicians explore the tried and tested formation of tenor saxophone with drums with a great sense of improvisation and with a chemistry between the two that led them to a first debut album on We Jazz Records in 2019 that was lauded with "Worldwide Awards Jazz Album Of the Year". They now continue their musical adventure with the new album Live Recordings 2019-2020.

As far as the term "award-winning" goes, here we have two of the latest "Finnish jazz album of the year" winners joining forces and doing what they do best. Both Lassy and Mäkynen are tried and tested stars of the vibrant Finnish jazz scene, and artists who have time and again proven to be highly inventive when moving forward. We Jazz Records


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