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Muriel Grossmann Quartet / Laura Gonzalez Guerra

Muriel Grossmann Quartet

album release: Union (2021, RRGems Records)

The spiritual jazz of the Muriel Grossmann Quartet is music that touches the heart and soul of the audience. Austrian-born saxophonist Muriel Grossmann has toured with numerous rhythm & blues, funk, jazz and traditional music artists such as Hans Tschiritsch, Shani Ben Canar, Christoph Kurzmann, Geri Schuller, Pete Hoven or Robert Rehak. Her moving music, which can be both tranquil and vital, is like a musical journey, where the imagination is expanded by the universal sound of love.


Result in a new watermark for excellence in jazz. Thom Jurek All About Jazz

Band's innate groove consciousness. Thom Jurek All About Jazz

Grossman’s solos are 100 miles an hour, exciting and exploratory and gloriously powerful. Nick Schlittner UK Vibe

Timeless and innovative. Mike Gates UK Vibe

Stroke of musical genius, allowing the musicians to explore and improvise on top of the core of the tune, and the sonic landscape that lives and breathes behind that. Mike Gates UK Vibe

Brussels Jazz Festival 2022