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Emma-Jean Thackray / Joe Magowan

Emma-Jean Thackray

album release : Yellow ( 2021, Movementt)

The debut album of multi-instrumentalist Emma-Jean Thackray is exactly what we have been longing for these past months: a beautiful, human and shared experience. With Yellow, Thackray takes us back to the 70s and lets us soak up the atmosphere of yesteryear with her jazz fusion and P-funk, nods to Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane, and timbres that hark back to the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. Impossible to sit still to the infectious music of this young London talent.


Thackray combines dance with jazz, but this time in a much more elaborate way. And also more accessible, without the music becoming less tight or virtuoso. The sketches have, so to speak, been developed into complete works of art. Oor (Randy Timmers)

UK Jazz Act of the Year: Emma-Jean Thackray (

Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something (Official Video)
Brussels Jazz Festival 2022