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Quatuor MP4

album release : Carnets de voyage (2022, Cyprès) – recorded at Flagey

For some years now, Jean-Luc Fafchamps' music has been a leitmotiv for the Quatuor MP4. They even brought his music to India, where it is presented as 'world music'! It seemed therefore a logical step to take these works to the Flagey studio, and make them feature on their latest album: Carnets de voyage, with all Fafchamps' works for string and piano quartet.

On the occasion of its release on April 1th, the musicians perform an exquisite selection, including the world premiere of the new quartet which Fafchamps composed for this occasion (Autoportrait en expirs) and, complementing it with Nuages vus du ciel (with the composer at the piano), a transcription for strings of Franz Liszt's famous Nuages gris - Trübe Wolken.

Flagey, Centre Henri Pousseur

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