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Ensemble Fractales / Isabelle Françaix

Ensemble Fractales

Bruxelles-Tallinn : invitation au voyage/Brussel-Tallinn: een uitnodiging om te reizen | album release: Fractales (2022, Cyprès)

On the occasion of their exchange between Belgium and Estonia, Fractales presents a selection from their latest album. This album, with musical works written especially for the ensemble, was recorded at Flagey for the 30th anniversary of the label Cypres. In this triptych, the ensemble takes you on a trip from the Estonian forests of composer Elis Hallik, to the ambiguous and sensual atmospheres of Claude Ledoux, to the echoes of lyrical nostalgia of Toivo Tulev.

Flagey, Permanent Representation of Estonia to the Council of Europe

Baltic Sea Festival 2022