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Schroothoop / Henri George


Buckets, PVC pipes, cans, washing line wire, pots and pans. That is all Brussels multi-instrumentalists Rik Staelens, Margo Maex and Timo Vantyghem need to create their particularly surprising and delicious mix of jazz, eastern music and Cuban-African rhythms. Schroothoop (Dutch for ‘junk yard’) has already enchanted many audiences with performances at venues such as Gent Jazz, Recyclart, AMOK, Leffingeleuren, STUK, Plazey, De Casino, Het Bos, BRASS and with a live stream from the AB. The group is currently working on their second album, after their acclaimed debut album Klein Gevaarlijk Afval. Without a doubt hypnotic, shimmering and infectious.


Brussels Jazz Festival 2022