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Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar / Christina Pluhar Himmelsmusik

L’Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar

Viva For Life

On their new album Alla Napoletana, Christina Pluhar and her ensemble L'Arpeggiata explore the bustling city of Naples. The varied programme of music from the 17th to the 20th century combines the operatic style of the so-called Neapolitan School with popular songs and dances such as the tarantella, the lively, sometimes frenzied dance that is so characteristic of Southern Italy.

Flagey, Musiq3, Warner Classics, Viva For Life

L’Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar, feat. Vincenzo Capezzuto – Rodolfo Falvo: Dicitencello Vuje
La Tarantella - Cristoforo Caresana - L'Arpeggiata - Christina Pluhar (direction) 4K
La Pastorale - Cristoforo Caresana (arr. Christina Pluhar) - L'Arpeggiata 4K